How to download and install Grammarly to improve your writing

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If you haven’t tried Grammarly yet, we highly recommend it to everyone who uses a laptop or PC!sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });You’ve probably seen the advertisements while browsing YouTube: Grammarly wants everyone to know they’ve become the go-tool editing software for millions of user devices. And guess what? They earned it with a combination of powerful, non-invasive editing tools.On the off chance the insane number of Grammarly commercials annoyed you into deciding never to download the app, please give it a chance! Even the best writers make mistakes. This program will catch them, giving you a sense of security when sending out written documents for absolutely no charge! Grammarly for Chrome Download free ► 10 Let’s dive into…How to download and use GrammarlyDownloading Grammarly takes very little effort.First, head over to the Grammarly website. When you arrive, the green button at the bottom right should be specifically optimized for your current browser. Click it and you’ll add it as a web extension!Using It For heavy-duty projects, you’ll want to visit the full Grammarly website or downloaded app. There, you can upload documents in the window seen above and have the program check throughout your entire project for grammar, spelling, and punctuation!If you made sure to add Grammarly as a browser extension, you don’t even need to load your writing into the program, an editing widget will appear in most programs! Specifically, Gmail will have a highly useful option that provides suggestions when you begin a message:MobileOn mobile devices, you’re going to want to look for “Grammarly Keyboard” instead. We recommend either the Apple or Google Play stores. Grammarly Keyboard Download now ► 10 It’s hard to work with documents on a mobile device, so this program works much like the browser extension. Once you download the app, you’ll go through a few setup steps, after which Grammarly will appear in your messaging environment, Slack chat, and more! Slack Download now ► 9 After downloading the app, you’ll have to sign in. Then, to activate Grammarly, go into your settings, find the app, and choose the “keyboard” menu within. There, activate Grammarly across the whole device:From there, you’ll need to return to the Grammarly app and switch your normal phone’s keyboard over:After that, your keyboard will be completely changed. From here on out, it will look something like the picture below. It will also give you all the suggestions and help expected of the Grammarly program!What is Grammarly Premium?Grammarly Premium offers a greater range of editing tools and will check for things such as plagiarism, insensitive language, and an inappropriate tone. While these may be great tools, we’ve found the vanilla version to be adequate at the very least.If you’re trying hard to make sure your writing is professional in every regard, this option may be perfect for you. Just be aware of the cost:Final notesGrammarly isn’t without fault: the English language is radically diverse, and no tool will ever be fully in touch with the enormous range of personal choices that writers can employ. In this very article, the program told us the words “downloaded app” should be “downloaded AN app.” Why? Because it hadn’t logged the possibility that “downloaded” would be used as an adjective! Weird, right?Still, despite a couple of snags here and there, we’ve found Grammarly to be an excellent companion app and we hope you will too!More tips for writers How to find a literary agent for your novel ► How to prepare a novel in manuscript format using Google Docs ► 6 best online productivity tools for writers in 2019 ► Top 7 online tools to improve your writing ►

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