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Let’s talk about magazines.Magazines and newspapers evolved when the digital revolution took place. More users than ever get their weekly dose of information from their devices. To keep viewers interested, many of these sources changed!sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });Your favorite publications – perhaps People, Men’s Health, or Mountain Bike Action — are often available through online subscriptions and may even have a digital version.Whether you still want to read a physical magazine or have moved on to your smartphone or tablet, the web has a lot to offer! We have some apps and websites where you can find new periodicals, order physical prints, or subscribe to your favorite online sources.Magazines: Print vs. DigitalWhere to find themSo, you want to know where to find magazines online, eh? Well, try out these locations. Any of them may be up your alley…Magazines.comWow. That website title doesn’t mess around.Magazines.com, as the name heavily implies, collects a large number of magazines in one place for easy searchability! You can create filters for the price and rating, all of which will help you find the best magazine for the best price. When you enter the magazine’s description, you can even discover important information, like the refund policy. Some titles allow you to cancel any time and receive a full refund for unpublished copies.However, please note: this site isn’t infallible. They’re missing a few titles. For example, you won’t find one of the greatest magazines around, Popular Science (you can, however, find the related magazine, Popular Mechanics).Apple NewsDon’t let the title lead you astray: Apple News provides more than just news, it has some of the top digital magazines available. By purchasing a subscription, you can have all your magazines available in one queue, and new updates will be downloaded to all your connected devices.In fact, you can family share with up to six other people!And, of course, Apple News also provides breaking updates. You can expect some of the top headlines whenever you open the app, no purchase required. And when you’re ready to find a magazine, you can use the search engine to find what you’re looking for! The app even provides a few articles so you can get a feel for the voice and content of the writers. How to personalize your Apple News feed Read Now ► Google NewsLike Apple News, this app brings you the top news headlines, in addition to a large bank of available digital magazine subscriptions.Peculiar benefits to Google news? Apple doesn’t allow users to review their news and magazine app; Google, on the other hand, gives readers a platform to comment freely. If you experience an issue, you can let others know and have a better chance of receiving developer feedback.Aside from that, both these apps provide great experiences intended for the users of different devices. Your choice will likely come down to which laptop or phone you use!Internet SearchWhen in doubt, use a browser!  If you have a magazine in mind, search the title with “digital subscription.” You may be surprised by what you find, whether that’s an online version you didn’t know about before or an electronic magazine similar to the one you love.Why go digital?Sure, digital magazines lack that wonderful feeling of paper. You can’t turn the pages or unwrap them when they come in the mail. However, they have a number of great benefits to consider, which include but are not limited to:Environmental benefits. You probably saw this one coming, but still: despite the efforts of many magazine companies to create prints from recycled papers, the industry still creates considerable waste. A digital download, however, does little to no damage.Convenience. Digital copies take up zero physical space, unless you’re counting the area of your device’s storage drive (and we aren’t). Unlike a magazine, this means your entire collection of magazines past and present can go with you to work, school, the gym, home, and beyond!Connection. Many online magazines include links to sources and products that physical magazines can only mention and direct you towards. Want to know where to find those mountain bike rims? You may just be a click away.ConclusionInformation comes faster than ever, from many different sources, but magazines managed to survive by jumping into the online realm. There are digital subscriptions, dedicated websites and apps, and powerful tools for discovering news, journals, and periodicals. Check them out!We hope this quick intro helps you discover something new or shows the benefits of trying a digital subscription. Thanks for reading! 5 great apps for reading the news on your phone Read Now ►

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