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As many of you will already know, insideTonic is produced by the same people who test and review software at Softonic, the world’s second largest software download site. Based in Barcelona, Softonic is originally a Spanish-language site that has grown to offer German, English, French and soon Italian and Brazilian versions.We launched this blog in English at the beginning of January with the intention of providing the same high-quality, independent software criticism and advice in a completely new format. In recognition of our success, Softonic Spanish (the largest site in our network) has now launched its own software blog, in Spanish. It’s called OnSoftware (nice name, huh?) and it’s packed with insight and knowledge from Softonic Spain’s crack team of software experts.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });Spanish speakers should definitely check out the new blog, but the rest of you won’t lose out. At insideTonic, we’re going to make sure that the best tips, reviews and advice from OnSoftware are translated into the Queen’s English and reproduced here – everyone’s a winner.There are a lot more developments on the way, but we’ll let you know about them later. For now, why not take a look at OnSoftware and say “Hi” to our new sister blog!

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