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sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });Guy Debord, the famous French philosopher, is famous for his book “The Society of the Spectacle” in which he scorns modern society for reducing all life to mere simulation. His observation was that nobody experiences anything real anymore – most of our emotions are experienced through TV and films and even the things we eat and consume are “fake” e.g. cheap Chinese imitation products and GM food. With this in mind, Debord would roll in his grave at this top ten list of simulators that remove any need to experience anything for real, and simply put your feet-up and enjoy.Microsoft Flight Simulator X – One example where Microsoft definitely got it rightPokemon Simulator – A bizarre simulator for Pokemon fansShip Simulator – Set sail around the worldSolar System 3D Simulator – Pretend you’ve got a telescope into the night skiesRail Simulator – For all you train spotters out thereVirtual Fashion – Pretend you’re Jean Paul GaultierFootball Manager 2008 – Take charge of any international team on your way to the cupOrf-Ski Challenge – Excellent skiing simulator across the World’s best pistesReal Bowling – Strike out in this realistic bowling simulatorVirtual Skipper 4 – Take control of a yacht in this sailing simulation game

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