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and then, too, we are not short of men, continued renée, there are always men to act.its for the womens parts.ah, thats the difficultyto find ladies.i dont see who is to act with me.oh, said henri, if we look about among all the people we know, ill wager well, lets see: theres m.durands daughter.why, yeswhat do you think? m.durands daughter? they are at saintdenis; that will be convenient for the rehearsals.shes rather a simpleton, but i should think for the rôle of mme.de chavigny ah, put in denoisel, you still want to act the caprice? now for a lecture, i suppose? but as im going to act with my brother and the performance will be for the benefit of the poor, i hope? continued denoisel.why? it would make the audience more disposed to be charitable.well see about that, sir, well see about it.well, emma durandwill that do? what do you think, mamma? they are not our sort of people, my dear, answered mme.mauperin quickly; they are all very well at a distance, people like that, but every one knows where they sprang fromthe rue st.honoré.mme.durand used to go and receive the ladies at their carriagedoor, and m.durand would slip out at the back and take the servantmen to have a glass at the wineshop round the corner.thats how the durands made their fortune.although at bottom mme.mauperin was an excellent sort of woman she rarely lost an opportunity of depreciating, in this way and with the most superb contempt and disgust, the wealth, birth and position of all the people she knew.it was not out of spite, nor was it for the pleasure of slandering and backbiting, nor yet because she was envious.she would refuse to believe in the respectability and uprightness of people, or even in the wealth they were said to have, simply from a prodigious _bourgeois_ pride, from a conviction that outside her own family there could be no good blood, and no integrity; that, with the exception of her own people, every one was an upstart; that nothing was substantial except what she possessed, and that what she had not was not worth having.and to think that my wife has tales like that to tell about all the people we know! said m.mauperin.come now, papashall we have the pretty little remoli girlshall we? ask your mother.say on, mme.mauperin.the remoli girl? but, my dear, you know i know nothing.oh! do you mean to say that you dont know her fathers history? a poor italian stucco worker.he came to paris without a sou and bought a bit of ground with a wretched little house at montparnasse.i dont know where he got the money from to buy it.well, this land turned out to be a regular montfaucon! he sold thirty thousand pounds worth of his precious stuffand then hes been mixed up with stock exchange affairs.disgusting! oh, well, put in henri, i fancy you are going out of your way to find folks.why dont you ask mlle.bourjot? they happen to be at sannois now.mlle.bourjot? repeated mme.mauperin.noémi? said renée quickly, i should just think i should like to ask her.but this winter i thought her so distant with me.she has something or otheri dont know she has, or rather she will have, twelve thousand pounds a year, interrupted denoisel, and mothers are apt to watch over their daughters when such is the case.they will not allow them to get too intimate with a sister who has a brother.they have made her understand this; thats about the long and short of it.then, too, they are so high and mighty, those folks are; they might have descended fromand yet, continued mme.mauperin, breaking off and turning to her son, they have always been very pleasant with you, henri, havent they? mme.bourjot is always very nice to you? yes, and she has complained several times of your not going to her soirées; she says you dont take renée often enough to see her daughter.really? exclaimed renée, very delighted.my dear, said mme.mauperin, what do you think of what henri saysmlle

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