where is mamma gone to parisshopping answered m mauperin

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where is mamma? gone to parisshopping, answered m.mauperin.oh!and wheres denoisel? hes gone to see the man with the sloping ground, who must have kept him to luncheon.well begin luncheon.goodmorning, papa! and instead of taking her seat renée went across to her father and putting her arms round his neck began to kiss him.there, there, thats enoughyou silly child! said m.mauperin, smiling as he endeavoured to free himself.let me kiss you _tongfashion_therelike that, and she pinched his cheeks and kissed him again.what a child you are, to be sure.now look at me.i want to see whether you care for me.and renée, standing up after kissing him once more, moved back from her father, still holding his head between her hands.they gazed at each other lovingly and earnestly, looking into one anothers eyes.the french window was open and the light, the scents and the various noises from the garden penetrated into the room.a beam of sunshine darted on to the table, lighted on the china and made the glass glitter.it was bright, cheerful weather and a faint breeze was stirring; the shadows of the leaves trembled slightly on the floor.a vague sound of wings fluttering in the trees and of birds sporting among the flowers could be heard in the distance.only we two; how nice! exclaimed renée, unfolding her serviette.oh, the table is too large; i am too far away, and taking her knife and fork she went and sat next her father.as i have my father all to myself today im going to enjoy my father, and so saying she drew her chair still nearer to him.ah, you remind me of the time when you always wanted to have your dinner in my pocket.but you were eight years old then.renée began to laugh.i was scolded yesterday, said m.mauperin, after a minutes silence, putting his knife and fork down on his plate.oh! remarked renée, looking up at the ceiling in an innocent way and then letting her eyes fall on her father with a sly look in them such as one sees in the eyes of a cat.really, poor papa! why were you scolded? what had you done? yes, i should advise _you_ to ask me that again; you know better than i do myself why i was scolded.what do you mean, you dreadful child? oh, if you are going to lecture me, papa, i shall get up andi shall kiss you.she half rose as she said this, but m.mauperin interrupted her, endeavouring to speak in a severe tone: sit down again, renée, please.you must own, my dear child, that yesterday oh, papa, are you going to talk to me like this on such a beautiful day? well, but will you explain? persisted m.mauperin, trying to remain dignified in face of the rebellious expression, made up of smiles mingled with defiance, in his daughters eyes.it was very evident that you behaved in the way you did purposely.renée winked mischievously and nodded her head two or three times affirmatively.i want to speak to you seriously, renée.but i am quite serious, i assure you.i have told you that i was like that on purpose.and whywill you tell me that? why? oh, yes, ill tell you, but on condition that you wont be too conceited.it was becausebecause because of what? because i love you much more than that gentleman who was here yesterdaythere nowvery much moreits quite true! but, then, we ought not to have allowed him to come if you did not care for this young man.we didnt force you into it.it was you yourself who agreed that he should be invited.on the contrary, your mother and i believed that this match excuse me, papa, but if i had refused m.reverchon at first sight, pointblank, you would have said i was unreasonable, mad, senseless.i fancy i can hear mamma now on the subject.whereas, as things were, what is there to reproach me with? i saw m.reverchon once, and i saw him again, i had plenty of time to judge him and i knew that i disliked him.it is very silly, perhaps, but it is nevertheless but why did you not tell us? we could have found a hundred ways of getting out of it.you are very ungrateful, papa.i have saved you all that worry.the young man is drawing out of it himself and it is not your fault at all; i alone am responsible


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