the principles for which the confederate soldier fought and in defense of which he died are today the harmony of this country so long as they were h

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the principles for which the confederate soldier fought, and in defense of which he died, are today the harmony of this country.so long as they were held in abeyance, the country was in turmoil and on the verge of ruin.it is not fair to demand a reason for actions above reason.the heart is greater than the mind.no man can exactly define the cause for which the confederate soldier fought.he was above human reason and above human law, secure in his own rectitude of purpose, accountable to god only, having assumed for himself a nationality, which he was minded to defend with his life and his property, and thereto pledged his sacred honor.in the honesty and simplicity of his heart, the confederate soldier had neglected his own interests and rights, until his accumulated wrongs and indignities forced him to one grand, prolonged effort to free himself from the pain of them.he dared not refuse to hear the call to arms, so plain was the duty and so urgent the call.his brethren and friends were answering the buglecall and the roll of the drum.to stay was dishonor and shame! he would not obey the dictates of tyranny.to disobey was death.he disobeyed and fought for his life.the romance of war charmed him, and he hurried from the embrace of his mother to the embrace of death.his playmates, his friends, and his associates were gone; he was lonesome, and he sought a reunion in camp.he would not receive as gospel the dogmas of fanatics, and so he became a rebel.being a rebel, he must be punished.being punished, he resisted.resisting, he died.the confederate soldier opposed immense odds.in the seven days battles around richmond, 80,000 drove to the james river 115,000 of the enemy.at fredericksburg, in 1862, 78,000 of them routed 110,000 federal troops.at chancellorsville, in 1863, 57,000 under lee and jackson whipped, and but for the death of jackson would have annihilated, an army of 132,000 men,more than double their own number.at gettysburg, 62,000 of them assailed the heights manned by 112,000.at the wilderness, in 1864, 63,000 met and successfully resisted 141,000 of the enemy.at appomattox, in april, 1865, 8,000 of them surrendered to the host commanded by grant.the united states government, at the end of the war, mustered out of service 1,000,000 of men, and had in the field, from first to last, 2,600,000.if the confederate soldier had then had only this disparity of numbers to contend with, he would have driven every invader from the soil of virginia.but the confederate soldier fought, in addition to these odds, the facilities for the transportation and concentration of troops and supplies afforded by the network of railways in the country north of him, all of which were subject to the control of the government, and backed by a treasury which was turning out money by the ton, one dollar of which was equal to sixty confederate dollars.it should be remembered also that, while the south was restricted to its own territory for supplies, and its own people for men, the north drew on the world for material, and on every nation of the earth for men.the arms and ammunition of the federal soldiers were abundant and good,so abundant and so good that they supplied _both_ armies, and were greatly preferred by confederate officers.the equipment of the federal armies was wellnigh perfect.the facilities for manufacture were simply unlimited, and the nation thought no expenditure of treasure too great, if only the country, the _union_! could be saved.the factory and the foundry chimneys made a pillar of smoke by day and of fire by night.the latest improvements were hurried to the front, and adopted by both armies almost simultaneously; for hardly had the federal bought, when the confederate captured, and used, the _very latest_.commissary stores were piled up all over virginia, for the use of the invading armies.they had more than they could protect, and their loss was gain to the hungry defenders of the soil.the confederate soldier fought a host of ills occasioned by the deprivation of chloroform and morphia, which were excluded from the confederacy, by the blockade, as contraband of war.the man who has submitted to amputation without chloroform, or tossed on a couch of agony for a night and a day without sleep for the want of a dose of morphia, may possibly be able to estimate the advantages which resulted from the possession by the federal surgeons of an unlimited supply of these.the confederate soldier fought bounties and regular monthly pay; the stars and stripes, the star spangled banner, hail columbia, tramp, tramp, tramp, john browns body, rally round the flag, and all the fury and fanaticism which skilled minds could create,opposing this grand array with the modest and homely refrain of dixie, supported by a mild solution of maryland, my maryland.he fought good wagons, fat horses, and tons of quartermasters stores; pontoon trains, of splendid material and construction, by the mile; gunboats, wooden and iron, and menofwar; illustrated papers, to cheer the boys in blue with sketches of the glorious deeds they did not do; bibles by the car load, and tracts by the million,the first to prepare them for death, and the second to urge upon them the duty of dying.the confederate soldier fought the sanitary commission, whose members, armed with every facility and convenience, quickly carried the sick and wounded of the federal army to comfortable quarters, removed the bloody garments, laid the sufferer on a clean and dry couch, clothed him in clean things, and fed him on the best the world could afford and money buy.he fought the wellbuilt, thoroughly equipped ambulances, the countless surgeons, nurses, and hospital stewards, and the best surgical appliances known to the medical world.he fought the commerce of the united states and all the facilities for war which europe could supply, while his own ports were closed to all the world.he fought the trained army officers and the regular troops of the united states army, assisted by splendid native volunteer soldiers, besides swarms of men, the refuse of the earth,portuguese, spanish, italian, german, irish, scotch, english, french, chinese, japanese,white, black, olive, and brown.he laid down life for life with this hireling host, who died for pay, mourned by no one, missed by no one, loved by no one; who were better fed and clothed, fatter, happier, and more contented in the army than ever they were at home, and whose graves strew the earth in lonesome places, where none go to weep.when one of these fell, two could be bought to fill the gap.the confederate soldier killed these without compunction, and their comrades buried them without a tear.the confederate soldier fought the cries of distress which came from his home,tales of woe, want, insult, and robbery.he fought men who knew that _their_ homes (when they had any) were safe, their wives and children, their parents and sisters, sheltered, and their business affairs more than usually prosperous; who could draw sight drafts, have them honored, and make the camp table as bountiful and luxurious as that of a new york hotel.he fought a government founded by the genius of his fathers, which derived its strength from principles they formulated, and which persuaded its soldiers that they were the champions of the constitutional liberty which they were marching to invade, and eventually to destroy


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