Former AWS executive temporarily barred from working at Smartsheet as non-compete lawsuit moves forward

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A King County Superior Court Commissioner sided with Amazon in the opening salvo of a court battle over Smartsheet’s hiring of a former Amazon Web Services executive earlier this month.Gene Farrell. (Smartsheet Photo)Commissioner Carlos Velategui granted a temporary restraining order sought by Amazon as part of its lawsuit against Gene Farrell, former vice president of AWS enterprise applications and EC2 Windows, and now senior vice president of product at Smartsheet. The ruling by the court commissioner marked a temporary blow to Smartsheet, but the big showdown over Farrell’s move to the Bellevue, Wash.-based work management company comes next week.Amazon claims that Farrell’s move to Smartsheet violated his non-compete agreement with AWS. The commissioner’s ruling only applies for 11 days because another hearing is scheduled for June 23 in front of King County Superior Court Judge Jim Rogers.

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