Amazon’s suit against former AWS VP hints at bigger move into workplace collaboration

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(Shutterstock Image).Amazon is one of the most notoriously tight-lipped companies in the tech industry when it comes to discussing its future plans. But it has tipped its hand in a big way: AWS is either on the cusp of releasing a major expansion of its workplace collaboration tools, or is at least far enough down the road with planning for such tools to take legal action against the former leader of its workplace tools division.The hints are all over a new lawsuit filed by the company against a former Amazon Web Services executive.Gene Farrell. (Smartsheet Photo)As GeekWire reported Sunday, Amazon asked a judge to prevent Gene Farrell, former vice president, AWS enterprise applications and EC2 Windows, from working for Bellevue-based project management and workplace collaboration software company Smartsheet, alleging he violated the terms of his non-compete agreement without saying exactly how he did that. “Farrell was involved in and privy to AWS’s strategy, roadmap, pipeline, customers, strengths and weakness for cloud-based productivity products, including the development of new products not yet publicly launched or announced,” Amazon wrote in its complaint.UPDATE: Former AWS executive temporarily barred from working at Smartsheet as non-compete lawsuit moves forward

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