Amazon sues former AWS VP over non-compete deal; Smartsheet calls claim against its new product chief an ‘enormous overreach’

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Gene Farrell. (Smartsheet Photo)Amazon.com is alleging that one of its former high-ranking executives violated a non-compete agreement when he accepted a job at Bellevue-based Smartsheet, GeekWire has learned.In a lawsuit filed Friday in King County Superior Court, Amazon alleges that Gene Farrell, who served as Vice President of the AWS Enterprise Applications & EC2 Windows team, violated a non-compete agreement when he took the new job as head of product June 1 at the heavily-funded Bellevue online workplace collaboration platform.UPDATE: Former AWS executive temporarily barred from working at Smartsheet as non-compete lawsuit moves forward “This move is unthinkable,” Amazon wrote in a motion for a temporary restraining order that would bar Farrell from working at Smartsheet. “…he cannot possibly forget everything he knows about AWS’s products and plans while he is working to develop products for its competitor.”

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