Apptio, which helps CIOs monitor IT spend, reveals which cloud platforms customers are adopting

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Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta speaks at the GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit. (GeekWire photos / Kevin Lisota)Apptio sits at a unique position in today’s rapidly-changing enterprise technology world, as the Bellevue, Wash.-based publicly-traded company helps CIOs understand spending within IT departments and has an inside look at how companies shift their back-end infrastructure from on-premise to the public cloud.That’s why it was interesting to hear Apptio co-founder and CEO Sunny Gupta share internal data about the public company’s customers — which range from those that spend $5 million on technology annually to $20 billion — in regard to cloud adoption trends during a presentation at GeekWire’s inaugural Cloud Tech Summit in Bellevue.Gupta noted that 76 percent of its customers are using Amazon Web Services, while 52 percent are using Microsoft’s Azure platform — “we’ve seen quite a rise in Azure usage,” he noted.

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