When standards aren’t standard: Inside a growing movement to shape the booming cloud industry

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An attendee at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe. (Cloud Native Computing Foundation Photo)What’s the best way to shepherd the promising technologies underpinning a sea change in computing? The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is determined not to make the same mistakes as past tech industry standards-setting groups, favoring community encouragement and a light touch.Launched almost two years ago as an offshoot of The Linux Foundation, the CNCF now boasts dozens of members and has accepted ten projects under its wing. The most prominent project in the CNCF remains Kubernetes, the container-orchestration system that Google donated to the CNCF upon its founding, but several other projects from a wide variety of cloud companies have started to form a blueprint of sorts for adopting modern cloud concepts such as microservices, containerization, and container orchestration across multiple cloud environments.But ask nearly any member of the CNCF if they are trying to develop cloud-computing standards, and they’ll recoil in horror.

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