Kleiner Perkins’ Meeker: Concerns over cloud vendor lock-in are soaring

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Cloud buyers are much more concerned about vendor lock-in these days, according to Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker.As part of this year’s sprint through more than 300 slides on the state of technology, Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker highlighted a couple of interesting facts about cloud computing: cloud buyers are kicking the tires of multiple vendors while becoming much more concerned about vendor lock-in.Meeker’s annual presentation at the Code Conference is a whirlwind of facts and anecdotes about the overall technology landscape, and while a lot of it is old news to people who live and breathe these technologies, it’s a good barometer of what the broader market thinks about tech. (The full presentation can be found here.)When it comes to cloud computing, Meeker’s slides called out a sharp increase in the number of buyers who are citing the possibility of lock-in as one of their top three concerns in moving to the cloud, with 22 percent citing that as an important concern in 2015 compared to just seven percent of buyers who thought this was a major concern in 2012, according to data from Bain’s Cloud Computing Survey. Grumbling about lock-in has become more pronounced over the last few years as AWS consolidates its market share and continues to crank out compelling new features that require just enough customization work to embrace.

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