Challenged at shareholder meeting, Jeff Bezos explains Amazon’s political approach

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. (GeekWire File Photo)At Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting in Seattle this morning, the company’s leaders trumpeted its growth, charitable giving, and international expansion, but several shareholders were more interested in hearing about Amazon’s politics.Several questions aimed at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had a political bent, including a request for an Amazon party “obsessed with voters,” in the same way Amazon prioritizes being “obsessed with customers” above all else. Bezos also fielded a plea for him to be the arbiter between rival politicians and an appearance by Rev. Jesse Jackson asking Amazon to be a leader in diversity efforts.And of course, there was talk of President Donald Trump. Justin Danhof, a general counsel for the conservative research organization National Center for Public Policy Research, asked Bezos if he was afraid that Amazon’s opposition to Trump’s travel ban would antagonize Trump-voting customers. He also accused The Washington Post, which Bezos purchased in 2013, of having an anti-Trump bias.

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