Legendary computer scientist James Gosling joining Amazon Web Services

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James Gosling, inventor of the Java programming languageThe father of Java is joining forces with Amazon Web Services.James Gosling, until today Chief Software Architect at Liquid Robotics, announced Monday on Facebook that he’s “starting a new Adventure” with the cloud computing juggernaut as a Distinguished Engineer. He didn’t go into detail about the role he’ll be playing at AWS, and neither did a company representative who confirmed Gosling was joining the company.Welcome James Gosling to the #AWS family! https://t.co/8FLW0KTH8J pic.twitter.com/KoiUeEZ4ga— Werner Vogels (@Werner) May 22, 2017Gosling wrote Java, one of the most widely used programming languages in the history of computing, while at Sun Microsystems in the early 1990s. After leaving Sun following its acquisition by Oracle, Gosling did a short stint at Google before settling in for almost six years at Liquid Robotics, which is working on an autonomous boat called the Wave Glider.

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