How Amazon Web Services uses machine learning to make capacity planning decisions

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Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy (Credit: Todd Bishop/GeekWire)Machine-learning research isn’t something that Amazon Web Services does just for its cloud customers; it has developed machine-learning driven models on how to forecast demand for its services and deploy infrastructure accordingly.AWS CEO Andy Jassy told attendees at the Pacific Science Center’s 14th Annual Foundations of Science Breakfast yesterday that Amazon has been using machine learning to anticipate demand for its services as deals work their way through the pipeline and predict how and where it should add capacity. “One of the least understood aspects of AWS is that it’s a giant logistics challenge, it’s a really hard business to operate,” he said.The surge in interest around cloud computing over the last few years seems like it would make solving this challenge easy: just buy all the servers, because the workloads keep coming. “Every single day we add enough new servers to have handled all of Amazon as a $7 billion global business,” Jassy said, indicating the scale at which AWS now operates.

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