Amazon stock vs. Seattle real estate: Which was the better investment over the past 20 years?

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. (GeekWire File Photo)Today is the 20th anniversary of Amazon’s IPO. In case you haven’t noticed, Amazon has been on quite the hot streak. Investors are cheering as the stock hits new a new high every few weeks. In many ways, Amazon stock is closely related to another local commodity that is on fire lately: Seattle real estate.Let’s take a look at how the return on those two hot investments compare to each other.Back in May of 1997, the median price of a single-family house in Seattle was about $205,000. If you started with a typical 20 percent down payment, your initial investment in your home would have been around $41,000. As of April, data from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service shows that Seattle’s median house price has shot up to $722,250—an all-time high.

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