Flexe launches nationwide next-day delivery service to help e-commerce companies take on Amazon

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Karl Siebrecht, co-founder and CEO of Flexe. (PRNews Photo /FLEXE)Flexe, a Seattle startup that offers a marketplace for warehouse space, announced Thursday a new next-day delivery service, which the company said would give brands the ability to reach 98 percent of U.S. customers faster than Amazon Prime two-day shipping.Flexe has been amassing unused warehouse space that it can use as on-demand storage for companies, and its inventory now numbers more than 500 warehouses. Flexe says its new shipping service gives brands full control of the process from identifying ideal fulfillment center locations, to delivering product through integrations with all major carriers and even branding their own boxes.“For the first time in history, e-commerce brands have an alternative to Amazon,” said Flexe co-founder and CEO Karl Siebrecht, a former executive at aQuantive and AdReady. “Our customers are under tremendous pressure to meet consumer demand for fast, cheap shipping. Flexe gives them the same network scale as Amazon, allows them to ship products in their own branded box, and gets them up and running in 30 days.”A look at Flexe’s network of warehouses. (PRNewsfoto/ FLEXE)

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