Amazon continues physical retail push with new bookstore in Washington D.C., its 13th nationwide

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The Amazon Bookstore at Seattle’s University Village. (GeekWire Photo.)Amazon continues to expand its physical retail footprint, with The Washington Post reporting on a new bookstore in Washington D.C. that is yet to open.The store, which would be on the same block as a now-closed Barnes & Noble, would be Amazon’s 13th bookstore; six are currently open in Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Chicago, and the Boston area. The company is also currently working on additional sites in New York, Chicago, New Jersey, and the San Francisco Bay Area.The first brick-and-mortar Amazon Books opened in Seattle’s University Village in 2015. Amazon bookstores take a slightly different approach to retail. All book titles face outward, making it easy for customers to browse. Also, none of the books have price tags. Instead, customers wave the barcode on the book under a scanner in order to determine the price; Prime members get discounted prices that books sell for on Amazon.com.

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