Rite Aid and CVS spite their customers by blocking Apple Pay - GeekWire

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GeekWire Staff Writer Taylor Soper checks out using Apple Pay at Chevron.In a move that’s tailor-made to spite consumers who want to give them money, Rite Aid and CVS have switched off their NFC payment terminals to stop people from using Apple Pay or Google Wallet, according to a report from MacRumors. The move comes less than a week after Apple launched the new payments technology, which allows iPhone 6 users to pay for goods with just their phone.While Apple has partnered with particular companies like Whole Foods and McDonalds to ensure that its system works at those retailers at launch, Apple Pay is designed to work with any NFC-equipped point-of-sale system right out of the box, which is how people were able to buy their prescriptions at CVS without pulling out their wallet.The reason the two companies killed NFC payments is because they’re a part of the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), a consortium of merchants led by Walmart that has teamed up to create its own mobile payment system. It’s called CurrentC, and won’t be available until 2015. CurrentC is designed to side-step credit card fees, which take a small percentage off the top of every transaction a merchant makes.

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