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Subscribers to Microsoft’s Office 365 service now have a whole lot of storage at their disposal. Today, the company announced that all the customers who use its productivity suite will get unlimited storage in OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service.The news comes just four months after Microsoft revealed it was giving all Office 365 users a terabyte of storage for their files, in a move that brought it in line with other competitors in the cloud like Google Drive, which offers a terabyte of storage for $9.99. Today’s announcement means that anyone who subscribes to Office 365, which starts at $6.99 a month for the “Personal” tier, will have massive amounts of storage to go with their productivity software.In practice, the change in storage amounts probably won’t matter much to most OneDrive customers, especially consumers. Filling up a terabyte of storage is hard for most average users, and going unlimited won’t matter all that much except for people who have to store loads of media files in the cloud.

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