Zillow accused of copycatting, ripping off trade secrets in newly-launched ‘Coming Soon’ product - GeekWire

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Zillow’s recently-launched “Coming Soon” feature has been controversial from the start, with some real estate professionals proclaiming that it is a method to bypass traditional listing agencies. In fact, the “Coming Soon” listings from Zillow are forbidden by MLS rules in the company’s hometown of Seattle.Now, Zillow is facing additional scrutiny over the feature, which allows home sellers to gauge interest on their homes up to 30 days before they are placed on the market. A San Francisco-based company by the name of Top Agent Network has sued Zillow, alleging that the company stole trade secrets in order to create the new “Coming Soon” product.The lawsuit alleges that Zillow feigned interest in investing in Top Agent Network, simply to obtain details on how its system worked.

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