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Developers created a digital simulation that shows emergency workers who are treating Ebola patients around the world how their masks may fog up while at a treatment center.Hackathons typically produce some pretty cool ideas and innovations, yet only in rare cases do you find a 48-hour project that turns into a full-fledged product used by real people.But that’s exactly what happened at the Living Computer Museum this past weekend in Seattle, where game developers and medical professionals came together to create a digital simulation prototype that may end up helping prepare front line emergency workers who are treating patients with Ebola around the world.The hackathon was organized by Shift Labs, a four-person Seattle-based startup that makes medical devices for developing countries. The company was approached by the IMAI-IMCI Alliance, which creates training content for the World Health Organization (WHO), and was asked for help in building a simulator that could supplement new training material designed for healthcare employees working with Ebola patients — particularly those at treatment centers in West Africa.

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