FBI created fake Seattle Times news story in scheme to implant spyware on bomb-threat suspect’s computer - GeekWire

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The FBI created this fake news story and URL, and then placed it on the MySpace page of a teen bomb-threat suspect in order to implant tracking software on his computer.Should the FBI be permitted to impersonate the news media in order to nab criminals?That’s the question being raised today after an analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union uncovered documents showing that the FBI created a fake online news story in 2007 under the guise of The Seattle Times, hoping the story would entice a teen bomb-threat suspect to click on the link, and as a result implant spyware, known as CIPAV software, on his computer.The tactic worked when the story appeared in the suspect’s MySpace feed, leading to the arrest of a 15-year-old who had been threatening to blow up a high school near Olympia.

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