Drones on tour: Portland startup SkyWard teams with NASA to demonstrate value of aerial robots - GeekWire

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Skyward CEO Jonathan EvansSkyWard, a Portland, Ore., startup that makes software for running networks of drones, is teaming with NASA to conduct demonstrations of aerial robotics in the U.S., Canada and Europe — hoping to prove the value of the technology to a historically wary public.The project, dubbed “Urban Skyways,” is being announced this morning. It comes at a key moment in the evolution of the drone industry, as the FAA studies ways to lift restrictions on commercial drones, integrating unmanned aerial vehicles into U.S. airspace.This illustration from Skyward shows a vision for a Aerial Robotic Network (ARN) in Las Vegas. (Not intended to indicated actual planned flight routes.)The Urban Skyways demonstrations aim to show what that future could look like. SkyWard calls Urban Skyways “the first end-to-end demonstration of acommercial drone network operated with full regulatory and insurance compliance.”

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