Why Zillow’s Rich Barton loves businesses that rely on the ‘magic’ of user-generated content - GeekWire

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Rich Barton speaking at the University of Washington as part of Seattle Startup Week.Don’t ask Rich Barton to invest in your enterprise software company. The Zillow co-founder and former Expedia CEO just doesn’t want to hear about it.Rich Barton. Photos: Kevin LisotaHe’s not being a jerk. Barton — an angel investor who has bankrolled companies such as Glassdoor, RealSelf and Avvo — simply doesn’t have an “inherent interest” in B2B, nor does he have have any desire to call the CTOs of Fortune 500 companies.“I love building consumer brands,” said Barton, speaking Wednesday night at the University of Washington as part of Seattle Startup Week. “Building brands does excite me. I (love) creating words. We made up Zillow. We made up that word, and now a lot of people know that word, and that is kind of cool.”“User-generated content models are magic.”

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