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Yesterday The U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced new measures to monitor people entering the U.S. from any of the three African nations faced with the Ebola epidemic. Travelers will be expected to check in with local health officials daily and report their temperatures during the 21-day incubation period.In addition to these measures, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new curriculum to train healthcare workers treating Ebola patients. The WHO has asked Shift Labs, a Seattle-based company that creates affordable medical products for low-budget clinics, to create digital simulations to accompany the new course.To address the time-sensitive issue, Shift Labs is hosting a three-day Ebola Training Hackathon, to kick off Friday at 5 p.m. and run through Sunday evening. Game developers, artists, and medical professionals are invited to work together to create simulation training using the Unity game engine.

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