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Phooto NIAID [CC-BY-2.0] via Wikimedia CommonsAs a species, we don’t seem to get any smarter about rumors and misinformation – even if our technology evolves. Take Ebola and compare its scares to those of another deadly epidemic: AIDS, 30 years ago.Then I was a broadcast health and science reporter, covering HIV/AIDS before it was mainstream (that came in 1985 after Rock Hudson died). Cutting-edge communications tech in pre-web browser days was represented by personal computer bulletin board systems, online dial-up services like CompuServe, and commercial, proprietary email systems such as MCI Mail. Nothing digital broadly connected to anything else, so bad info was spread and combated by mass media like TV, radio, and newspapers, and by individual communications such as telephone calls.Now we’ve theoretically progressed by adding many more public and private communications channels, Internet-linked and fast-acting: social media, web news sites, and apps in our pockets.

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