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How long would you gaze at a photo in 1970 versus today?  Has our attention for a single photo been diluted by the sheer volume of photos that cross our paths?  Fastcompany recently pointed out that out of 50 tech startups valued at over a billion dollars in the last decade, 9 had photography at their core.  Instagram, Snapchat etc. — these are platforms for sharing, not studying.  Every month about 60 billion photos are taken globally.  How many will exist in 40 years?  How many survive the next phone upgrade?  With digital there is almost no cost to pressing the shutter, but is there any weight to a single photo?  And were things different in an analog world?  From the perspective of this photographer, things were very different.  But enough with the deep thoughts — let’s take a selfie!In 1970, every frame had a cost — film, developing, printing — and photography was more of a niche hobby.  In that year only about 830 million photos were taken every month. What are the odds, then, that one of those photos from 1970 would show Bill Gates and Paul Allen in their mid-teens, working with a teletype machine at Lakeside School?  And further, that the negative, perfectly preserved, would be found in a file cabinet in my mother’s attic?For those who knew my father, Bruce Burgess, those odds would actually seem relatively high.  My father taught at Lakeside School from 1964 to 1972.  He also managed the yearbook, which gave him access to film and a darkroom (which was for a time housed in our basement, across the street from the school).  No fan of flash, he mastered the various esoteric techniques for pushing black and white film to the limit.  The photo that appears below was shot with Kodak Tri-X black and white film, pushed two or three stops and developed in a chemical bath designed to round off the grain structure.  He and my mother were meticulous about tagging and storing negatives.  When he was killed in a plane crash in 1972 (cameras in hand), he left behind thousands of negatives.

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