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An artist’s rendering of the Arkyd 100 space telescope in orbit. The launch of the Arkyd 3 engineering demonstrator (below) is the first big step in Planetary Resources’ plan to find and mine asteroids.Update: Rocket carrying Planetary Resources satellite explodes shortly after liftoffThe team at Planetary Resources has years of experience sending spacecraft into orbit and beyond, thanks to past work at NASA and private space companies. But the company’s first mission into space — launching on Monday afternoon — won’t rely on a giant NASA-style command center with hundreds of engineers.The Arkyd 3 engineering demonstrator, headed to space on Monday. (Credit: Planetary Resources).“Our goal is to have three people in their pajamas and an iPad operating the spacecraft, at most,” says Chris Lewicki, the Redmond-based company’s president and chief engineer, who was the flight director for the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.Welcome to the new world of commercial space.

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