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This week’s outrage over the FBI’s impersonation of The Seattle Times (and Associated Press) may prove a good example of why it’s important to wait until the facts are known before reacting — or overreacting. Outrage on the Internet often grows when only a partial story is told — this is especially true with Twitter’s 140 character limit — just enough to inflame but not enough to inform.I consider myself very far left politically — I’m also a privacy advocate and a supporter of amnesty for Edward Snowden. But rather than jump on the bandwagon of Internet outrage over the FBI’s actions, I see this as just the type of court-backed, surgical law enforcement that we should be encouraging. In fact, the tactics of this operation are refreshing for their precision in light of outrageous NSA data collection practices and the appearance of Seattle’s own WiFi data traps.What really happenedMORE BY JEFF REIFMANShining Light on Internet RageAffordable Seattle broadband? What Would Macklemore Do?Five ways your medical insurance defines deductible

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