OpenSea admits NFT insider’s trading incident

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free from school is his story of a year out of school, when the learning graph of his young life went up leaps and bounds. he wrote it to encourage other boys and girls his age to move out of the sterile school and college environment offered by indias antiquarian educational system, if they wish to experience another side to life and learning. he lost nothing but gained a lot. so did his parents. when you read his story, so will you. this book has been originally published by the other india press, mapusa, goa. copies of the print version are available from oib@sancharnet.in or the other india press, above mapusa clinic, mapusa 403507 gao. tel. 0091.832.2263306 copyright (c) 2003 rahul alvares permission is granted to copy of distribute this document under the terms of the gnu free documentation license, version 1.1 or any later version published by the free software foundation. the author however requests anyone downloading this book to make a donation (recommendation $2 or rs 50) to a group working for the cause of wildlife, particularly in goa. if you would like to know of rahul alvares preferences on which group could be supported, contact him at can@sancharnet.in. contents chapter 1: a fish shop in mapusa chapter 2: learning a bit of farming chapter 3: plant festivals chapter 4: learning about mushrooms chapter 5: a trip to kerala chapter 6: snakes alive! chapter 7: a vacation within a vacation chapter 8: earthworms chapter 9: spiders chapter 10: crocodile dundee chapter 11: learning to teach chapter 12: you have sight, i have vision chapter 13: surveying a forest chapter 14: chief guest at belgaum chapter 1: a fish shop in mapusa you must try to understand that when i finished school i was as raw as raw could be. i had never travelled anywhere on my own, never purchased a train ticket, since like most kids my age i had only travelled with my parents or relatives and they made all the decisions. i had no experience of how to handle money (my knowledge being limited to spending the 50 paise or one rupee i would receive as pocket money now and then). so while i had set my sights on travelling far and wide my parents wisely thought that i should begin by learning to manage on my own within goa itself. it was also the rainy season and travelling around the country would be much more difficult they explained. so i started out by helping at an aquarium shop in mapusa, the town nearest my village. the proprietor of the shop is ashok dcruz, a college friend of my fathers. i must tell you about ashok. he is no ordinary businessman: keeping fish is a passion with him. he is far more interested in chatting with his customers about fish than making money selling them. i have never seen him forcing any of his customers to buy from his stock of aquarium fish. in fact, it was ashok who introduced me to the amazing world of aquarium fish way back when i was just nine and studying in class v. under his guidance then, i experimented with breeding guppies, platties and mollies, fairly simple types of fish to breed. however, it was a matter of great excitement for me at that time to be successful in my experiments and ashok was generous enough to even buy back from me the baby fish i reared just to encourage me. later i developed sufficient confidence to experiment with and breed more difficult types of fish, like siamese fighting fish and blue guramies-all under the expert tutelage of ashok. so it was to ashoks shop that i went every morning at 9.00 a.m., speeding on my bicycle to be on time. i would stay there until lunch time, a regular hands on, doing whatever i was asked to do. ashoks shop is not very large. it is a two-roomed shop on the ground floor of the gomes catao complex. it has a display section in front and a store room at the back. the showroom has about twenty fish tanks on display with a variety of fish that ashok purchases mainly from mumbai. each tank stores a particular species of fish. ashoks shop is located away from the main market area so he does not have the advantage of casual customers dropping by. however ashok has his regular customers and there are always at least twenty to thirty customers daily. during my first few days at his shop, my work was only to watch the tanks, clean those which were dirty, remove the dead fish and do some other small jobs. i also fed the fish and treated the wounded and diseased fish. sometimes, i also attended to customers. gradually, i began to accompany ashok on his rounds to various places. a gentleman in moira wanted to set up an aquarium at his home. he had a tank. he also had definite ideas about how he wanted it to finally look and ashok was called to see how it could all be done

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