Darktrace: cyber crime fighter seeks to dispel shadows of doubt

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the man sent his car for us. at his house we discussed the location of the tank, lighting arrangements, the water filters, the kind and quantity of fish he would like to have, and maintenance. after we were fully satisfied that we had everything right and had noted down his requirements, we returned to mapusa. later he came for the material which we kept ready for him. another time i accompanied ashok to a clients office to put a pair of dwarf guramies in the fish tank and to fix a picture as a backdrop for the tank. on such visits i watched care fully what ashok did and soon enough ashok started sending me on my own to visit some of his clients who had small or simple problems. i went to clients to fix aquarium equipment such as air pumps and filters, to fix toys in the tanks, to check fish for diseases or if there was a sudden crisis such as fish dying in numbers, or if a client wished to add more fish to his collection. i was sent to collect overdue payments or simply to enquire the aquariums were doing. sometimes i went on my own to visit some of the places where we had set up tanks and enjoyed watching the fish swimming happily in their new homes. one day my employer decided to send me as a spy to find out the prices of fish and fish food at a competitive fish shop. i tried to behave like a casual customer and walked coolly into the competitors shop and gradually began to ask the prices of fish and fish food. after i had found out what was needed i bought a pair of cheap black mollies from his shop just to show him that i was a genuine customer. from the information i got, we found ashoks to be comparatively cheaper than the competitor. during this period i improved my knowledge about aquarium fish tremendously. this was mainly due to two things. firstly, i had spent a lot of time observing the fish at ashoks shop and getting practical experience from the places we visited. secondly, i had been reading the fish books that my father bought for me as a gift for getting a distinction in my ssc exam. the books were quite expensive but well worth the cost. being able to get theoretical knowledge and practical experience at the same time gave me a lot of confidence with regard to aquarium fish. one of the important highlights of my experience at ashoks was learning to make fish tanks. ashok told me that since we were going through a slack period, he would teach me how to make fish tanks. i had to start from basics which meant purchasing glass for six tanks, having the glass pieces cut to specifications and then having the pieces delivered at the shop without a scratch. i had accompanied ashok on several occasions earlier to the glass shop and watched as he ordered glass explaining his requirements, or having a piece re-cut because it was done wrongly. in fact, i had been sent often to the glass shop for small purchases so i was fairly familiar with the owner and the procedures. ashok had even taught me how to calculate the price of glass. still it was a new experience for me when ashok handed me some money and gave me general directions on what to do and i was on my own. i managed to purchase the glass and also to get it cut to size. so far, so good. now came the difficult part of transporting the glass pieces to the shop. i wondered whether i should get a rickshaw for the purpose but was a little hesitant since i hadnt checked what it would cost for the trip, short though it would be. while i was trying to make up my mind by testing the package for its weight, the shopkeeper assured me that i would be able to handcarry the glass to ashoks shop, which is what i finally did. i started out. in the beginning, it was no problem. however, the package grew heavier and heavier as i trudged up the road to ashoks shop with rickshaws, taxis and motorcycles honking away on all sides. even before i reached my destination i doubted the wisdom of my actions for i was tired and my arms ached but i dared not put down the glass simply because it was glass. when i finally reached the shop i heaved a sigh of relief that the glass was intact. ashok was horrified at my decision and understandably very angry too for as he explained to me should i have had an accident on the way the consequences would have been disastrous and he was after all responsible for me! i truly learnt an important lesson that day. learning to make an aquarium tank is great fun. one has to first plan the size of the tank. for this one must first decide on the length of the tank. after that, the height and the breadth are to be proportionately calculated. the sides of the glass are held together with silicone, which is a glue, and which feels like rubber when it hardens. silicone does not dissolve in water. the tricky part is being able to apply the silicone only to the edges of the glass and not letting your sticky fingers touch any other portions of the glass. otherwise, the glass will look dirty, for the silicone marks will stay like a fingerprint on the glass forever. after the tank is resealed on the inside with silicone (to give double protection), it is left for a day to dry. the next day it is tested by filling with water and if all is well the tank is ready for sale and can be delivered to the customer. after i was taught how to do the first tank, i started helping with the rest. i recall how once by mistake i stuck the glass upside down. theres something fishy about the looks of this tank, said ashok

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