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several times i would be speeding away on my bicycle to ashoks shop because i had woken up late that morning. or i had to push my lunch hour till later because i had not completed all my tasks for the day. it was an experience learning to plan my day properly and i would feel quite pleased with myself when i got things right on my own. i also gained a lot of valuable insights into my own hobbies and interests since for the first time in my life i was on my own and free to make decisions or experiment with ideas i thought worthwhile. i discovered that i have a great passion for reading books. i used to go every morning to the library, on my way to ashoks shop, and pick up something to read during my free time. my favourite books were the hardy boys and i finished practically the entire series while i was at ashoks. i also enjoyed comics like tintin and phantom. evenings, after i had finished with ashoks shop, i would listen to the fm radio music programmes. like any other teenager, i like fast and loud music. fortunately, my aunt allison visiting us from canada gave me a walkman which enabled me to play my music without disturbing the others. i thought about starting to learn the guitar but my parents advised against starting guitar lessons immediately as i had plans to travel out of goa in the coming months. letter writing is not one of my favourite things. however, i was forced to reply to the people who sent me letters and cash prizes, congratulating me on my examination results. i was overjoyed to receive prompt replies from several of my relatives and friends commending me on my choice of a years sabbatical. i also realised that you only get letters when you write to people. however, i still dont enjoy letter-writing. on sundays, i used to do a few odd jobs to earn some pocket money. like washing the car for which i used to get five rupees from my dad. i was also the main errand boy at home and i did all kinds of jobs like paying the electricity bills, buying the rations and so on. all in all, working at ashoks was a good beginning. field work notes: now julie has a fish tank juliet and peter dsouza are college friends of my parents. they live at calangute. peter is a criminal lawyer and juliet is a school teacher. our families occasionally go on outings together. on one of these picnics during my ssc year juliet discovering my interest in aquarium fish promptly tried to get me to assist her in setting up an aquarium in their home. actually they did have a fish tank earlier but the bottom glass had cracked and juliet had given it to ashok for repairs. and there it remained, in ashoks shop, with nobody attending to it. juliet had reminded me on several occasions about the tank but there was little i could do other than pass on her reminders to ashok. when i started working with ashok i quickly took the opportunity of keeping my promise to her. the first problem was to find the tank. i began searching for it in the storeroom of ashoks shop. i found it right at the bottom of all the other big tanks. i was relieved to see it still in one piece. ashok and i then removed the broken bottom glass. we took the measurements and bought new glass from the glass shop. after fixing the tank, i went to peters office and told him to pick it up and take it home whenever he could. peter came by and took it home the next evening. a few days later i cycled down to their house to set it up. once there i realized that juliet did not have any material for placing in the tank except a little gravel which was not enough to cover even the base of the tank. i explained to her all the essential items needed and she gave me a freehand to purchase material and decorations for the tank. on my next visit, i took a few kilos of gravel, a pump, plastic plants, fish medicine, the undergravel filter, some pipeline, a few regulators, t-joints and a fishnet. i also took four types of aquarium toys and two shells for her to choose from. i started off with washing the gravel, then fixed the under-gravel filter. i next poured gravel over the filter, and placed the decorations of shells and toys on top. then the tap and filters were joined to the air pump. all this while i was watched intently by angelann and miriam, juliets two young daughters, who kept offering opinions or help here and there. after about two hours, everything was ready. only the fish and aquatic plants remained to be put in the aquarium. the task of selecting the fish for the tank was not part of my assignment as julie said that she would buy the fish from a fish shop in candolim

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